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The ONE Thing (Single)
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The ONE Thing (Single)


Sometimes it’s the only thing you do. But it’s always the ONE Thing that delivers extraordinary results.

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  • "The ONE Thing resonated with our long-term approach to decision making and a platform-based approach to innovation. It was a natural fit for our organization and quickly infiltrated our culture, spawned book groups, and left a lasting and sticky impression. The principles in The ONE Thing help leaders create strategies grounded in a core, foundational platform, or as Gary and Jay put it, one domino at a time."

    Jared Aho, Section Manager, Global Marketing Operations & Pricing, National Instruments
  • “In a world of relentless and competing priorities, the One Thing represent the quintessential solution for achieving real success. Calling out the lies that often mislead and derail us, the One Thing provides researched based solutions that provide exceptional clarity on the elements needed to achieve long-lasting results. Leaders looking for a definitive, clear, and attainable path for achieving exceptional results will benefit greatly by embracing the One Thing”

    Doran Duffin, Director, Leadership Development, Kaiser Permanente
The ONE Thing (Single)

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Product Details

The ONE Thing is a book for busy people.

Authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan demonstrate that the results you get are directly influenced by the way you work and the choices you make. You’ll learn how to identify the lies that block your success and the thieves that steal time from your day. By focusing on your ONE Thing, you can accomplish more by doing less. What’s your ONE Thing?

The ONE Thing, a #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, has been featured on more than 175 bestseller lists including The New York Times and USA Today.

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