Episode 45: The Biggest Mistakes Successful People Make in Their Routines with Craig Ballantyne

Do you struggle to control your time?

Today’s guest, Craig Ballantyne, is an expert on the habits and routines that successful people use to accomplish their top priorities and stop wasting time.

He is on the show to reveal the BIG mistake that most people are making in their morning routine and share how you can avoid it with just three simple steps.

In this episode you will learn:

  • [2:25] How you can hold yourself accountable and create more time.
  • [4:40] How just 15 minutes a day can transform your life.
  • [12:50] The ONE common mistake that even extraordinary people make in their routines (and three steps you can take to avoid it).

The ONE Thing to take away from this episode:

How can you reset the bar for success to a level that you know you can achieve, day after day, so that you can build up momentum and line up your dominoes?

Ask yourself a simple question: Where do I want to improve?

Then ask yourself a focusing question: What is the ONE thing I can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

Only commit to doing what you can definitely do. If that means focusing on your priority for just 15 minutes every morning, then that's a great place to start. By the end of a year, that will add up to 72 hours focusing on your top priority.

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