Episode 37: Millionaire Mindset: How the Rich Manage Their Money – Krisstina Wise

Have you ever lied awake at night wondering if you will be able to pay your bills?

It feels like you’re not in control – but the truth is you always have the freedom to take control of your finances if you want it.

Krisstina Wise is a millionaire coach and author of Falling for Money, and she is going to teach us about the actions and habits that will define whether or not you become a millionaire.




In this episode you will learn:

  • [9:50] The seven secrets that millionaires know (that you don't).
  • [15:30] How you keep banks in business while making your future self broke.
  • [28:35] How to watch your money like a hawk (and why it's so important).

The ONE Thing to take away from this episode:

Establish your Freedom Net Worth Number, or the amount of money that you would need to live comfortably for the rest of your life, and lay out a plan in place that will put you on the right trajectory.

If you can live off of $75,000 a year, this is how you establish your Freedom Net Worth Number:

75,000 / 0.04 = 1,875,000

After you identify the number, start taking daily action and buy your freedom.

Links & Tools from this Episode

  • You can find free training here: howto.money
  • Falling for Money: How to Have a Lifetime Love Affair with your Finances by Krisstina Wise: Book

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