Episode 70: Implementing The ONE Thing in Your Company with Raman Sehgal

Many successful business owners are trying to live The ONE Thing in their lives… but how can you bring those lessons into your business?

Raman Sehgal, Founder of ramarketing, has experienced transformational success because he successfully implemented The ONE Thing into the culture of his business.

He shares what he and his team have done, and how you can bring these lessons into your professional life as well.

In this episode you will learn:

  • [3:15] What it looks like when you start living The ONE Thing.
  • [10:30] How you can leverage time blocking in your business.
  • [22:50] ONE simple tool that will help you and your employees focus on your 20% work.

The ONE Thing to take away from this episode:

Raman didn't try to do it all – he started by implementing ONE thing, which led to the next thing and then the next thing.

When you do one thing, the right thing, it will topple over many things. How can you get started today?

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The ONE Thing

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