Episode 99: Do You Have the Courage to Grow? Turn Learning Upside Down with Laura Sandefer

Many of you have asked us the same question: How do I teach the principles from The ONE Thing to my kids?

We want to teach our kids how to focus, set goals, and think so that they can get what they need when they need it, but this stuff isn’t taught in schools… or is it?

Laura Sandefer and her husband co-founded The Acton Academy. This is the school that Jay Papasan sends his kids to, and they are transforming the way that kids learn. We discuss what Acton’s schooling looks like, and how you can show up at a higher level to develop your children into extraordinary people.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • [2:10] How Acton turns learning upside down.
  • [13:00] 3 things you can do to incorporate more purpose and goal-setting in your family life.
  • [28:45] The ONE thing you can do, as a parent, to develop your children at an extraordinary level.

The ONE Thing to take away from this episode:

As parents, we need a mindset shift. Luckily, there are many opportunities to do so. You just have to take action.
If you need more inspiration, head over to ActonAcademyParents.com and choose just ONE blog post to take action on this week.

Links & Tools from this Episode

  • Learn more at ActonAcademyParents.com: Website
  • Check out Acton Academy: Website
  • Courage to Grow: How Acton Academy Turns Learning Upside Down by Laura Sandefer: Book

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