Episode 29: 5 Investments with the Highest ROI for Business Owners

Does your business give you freedom or hold you in place?

Sometimes we hit a ceiling in our business and it feels like we can’t break through… but we really just need better ways to invest our time and money.

Today’s guest, Ryan Moran, is the owner of Capitalism.com and a successful investor. He shares how to best invest your time, generate more assets, and make your business bulletproof.

In this episode you will learn:

  • [5:40] The ONE specific investment (you may not be making) that gives you the highest possible ROI.
  • [14:28] How to turn your business into a machine that acquires assets for you.
  • [35:10] Why you should be giving value away for free.

The ONE Thing to take away from this episode:

If you feel like you are hitting the ceiling in your life, then you are missing a person. You may be missing the right employee, mentor, contractor, customer, coach, or someone else entirely... but you're missing someone.

Step One: Identify ONE person you are missing.

Step Two: Make a commitment to seeking that person out and bringing them into your life, every day. It will be a great return on investment for your time.

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