Five Relaxation Techniques You Can Use to Squash the Worry Habit

Experiencing small amounts of stress is like getting the green light to jumpstart productivity. But if the stress continues to build, you’ll be stopped in your tracks by a big, bright red light sent by your brain. This idea is known as the Yerkes-Dodson Law. Every day stressors prompt us to take action and get things done. Big time stress, on the other hand, overwhelms us to the point that productivity levels drop off. And when you’re trying to handle a complex task it doesn’t take much stress to throw off productivity. Stress is like the coworker that never takes

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Use the 1-3-5 System for Goal Setting

It’s been a few years since we highlighted the 1-3-5 system, but given that everyone is setting goals for the New Year we felt it was time to revisit this highly effective tool. Even though the majority of people make resolutions, only a small percentage actually follow through and reach their goals. Often it’s not a matter of desire that makes a difference but rather having a system in place for reaching the goal. It’s not enough to say you want to achieve something. You have to take action to get it done, which is exactly what the 1-3-5 system

The Best New Apps and Extensions for Productivity

Productivity is something we can never have enough of. Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? All it takes is focus and the right leverage. Today, technology can be leveraged to accomplish amazing things that were once thought to be impossible. You can also leverage the knowledge of others to save yourself time. Or you can do both by reading this article. Our team of productivity gurus has been keeping track of the latest and greatest time-saving tools since releasing our original list of top productivity apps. This time around we’re highlighting new apps as well as

Six More Exercises That Increase Focus

Exercise is an important part of our daily routine, because you can’t be your best if you aren’t in peak physical condition. But the benefits of exercise extend well beyond general health and physical appearance. Exercise has the power to boost mood, improve sleep and increase focus. How does exercise do all that and help us concentrate? Researchers theorize exercise helps us ignore distractions, allowing us to better allocate our attention. Last year readers enjoyed learning about four exercises that increase focus so much that we decided to follow it up with more ways to build your mental muscles. This

CASE STUDY:Time Block Your Way to Freedom

Our very own Geoff Woods recently interviewed Keller Williams real estate agent and Time Blocking Mastery student Valerie Taranjo to learn about the transformations she experienced during the course. Valerie had already read The ONE Thing before taking the course. Although she loved the concepts, Valerie admits she didn’t start implementing them right away. Like other students, Valerie looked at the 66-Day Challenge as a daunting notion. Trying to nail down her ONE Thing and stick with it for more than two months seemed nearly impossible in a world full of distractions. Valerie admitted that sticking with her ONE Thing

Our Top 10 Ahas of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, The ONE Thing team decided to reflect on all the aha moments we had this year. There were many pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold uncovered over the last 12 months, but we decided to narrow it down to the ones that have made the biggest impact on our lives. Here’s a quick round up of our favorite revelations of 2016.   Aha #10 – Counterbalancing is Easier With the Right People In our article “3 Types of People You Need in Your Life to Achieve Counterbalance” the big aha is recognizing that

Help Out Our Friend Hal Elrod

In case you missed our free webinar last week, Geoff Woods and bestselling author Cameron Herold masterminded around productivity tips and strategies for having the greatest morning possible. Cameron is the co-author of Hal Elrod’s bestselling book The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs. The book is packed with tips that entrepreneurs can use to gear up their mornings, have an extreme level of focus and exercise self-leadership. (In case you missed it, you can find a recording of it by clicking here!) Unfortunately, Hal wasn’t able to join the conversation. Like we talked about in the webinar, our dear friend has

December 21 is the Shortest Day of the Year. Are You Up For a Challenge?

The December Solstice is almost here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the shortest day of the year, which means productivity is in high demand. Getting more done before the sun goes down requires keen focus, and nothing is better at increasing focus than time blocking. Take the December Solstice Time Blocking Challenge to see how much you can accomplish! Use the step-by-step guide below to maximize productivity during the winter solstice.     Step 1. Clear Your Calendar This step can be more difficult than one would think. If you’ve already put things on your calendar for the day or

The 10 Best Books for Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs tend to be naturally curious individuals. They constantly pursue knowledge and improvement. Bookstores can lend a helping hand with entire sections of career-improving non-fiction. However, every book isn’t exactly a winner. Below is our list of the top 10 books for today’s entrepreneurs. From cover to cover, these books are packed with sound advice on achieving success.   Ask. Even if you don’t work in sales directly, you’ll still find tons of value in Ryan Levesque’s bestselling book Ask. The advice is so intuitive and effective, the book has been dubbed the “mind reading system”. Anyone in

The 5 Unexpected Benefits of Sugar

The 5 Unexpected Benefits of Sugar It often seems like you can’t browse through your favorite online news source without seeing a study (or advertisement) about the dangers of sugar. According to many experts, sugar is the ONE Thing most people need to eat less of throughout the year. Do Americans eat way too much sugar? Yes. Is it healthy to permanently remove all sugar from your diet? No. At the heart of the sugary situation is the fact there are two types of sugar: Natural Sugars There are sugars that occur naturally in fruits and milk. These sugars are