December 21 is the Shortest Day of the Year. Are You Up For a Challenge?

The December Solstice is almost here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the shortest day of the year, which means productivity is in high demand. Getting more done before the sun goes down requires keen focus, and nothing is better at increasing focus than time blocking. Take the December Solstice Time Blocking Challenge to see how much you can accomplish! Use the step-by-step guide below to maximize productivity during the winter solstice.     Step 1. Clear Your Calendar This step can be more difficult than one would think. If you’ve already put things on your calendar for the day or

Lie #2: Multitasking Increases Productivity

Would you rather do ONE thing well or do numerous things poorly? If you are a multitasker, it’s a question that needs to be asked. The idea of multitasking as an acceptable way of getting multiple things done at once has become so mainstream that busy people have bought into it without considering its effect on results. Recent research has found that multitasking not only decreases the quality of work being done, it also slows us down. It’s an Issue of Focus When you try to complete two tasks at once, it’s been proven that neither task is going to

The Work of Our Founding Fathers

July 4th weekend may have passed, but we’re keeping up our patriot spirit by taking a closer look at the work of our founding fathers. Their most significant achievement is arguably the formation of the United States of America, but that wasn’t the ONE Thing that most of them accomplished during their lifetime. Many of the 56 originators of the nation were self-made businessmen, entrepreneurs and small business owners like many of us today. Entrepreneurship and America’s Forefathers As children we learned of the intrinsic endeavors and world-changing inventions of Benjamin Franklin – the modern day printing press and bifocals

If You Try and Chase Two Rabbits. . .

If you try and chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. Gary chose to open The ONE Thing with this Russian proverb because it perfectly sums up the core idea behind the book. It is a simple concept that people around the globe have acknowledged for centuries, but in our multitasking world it’s a hard one to conceive. Come on, admit it. You’re probably sending a text or IM right now. For our ancient ancestors, focusing on ONE Thing at a time could mean the difference between having a meal and going hungry. It was a means of

Four Exercises to Increase Focus

Multitasking is a productivity pitfall. We all know it, but we just can’t seem to break the habit. We are so ingrained with the idea of needing to get numerous things done at once that in order to stop multitasking we actually have to recondition our brains. We have to learn to focus. So to help you with the brain drain, here’s four ways to help break the multitasking addiction. Before beginning the exercises, take this focus test developed by Stanford University. Note your results. Then take the focus test again after you’ve practiced honing in on ONE Thing at

Juggling Too Many Balls

From the outside, a circus could seem like the most unfocused arena that ever existed. Picture a melting pot of mismatched oddities all performing at the same time. The dream of distraction… in living color. But, P.T. Barnum, the father of the modern-day circus, actually had a singular focus when he founded this multitasker’s fantasy: To create The Greatest Show On Earth. Fortunately for him, bringing the most outrageous acts from around the world to one place was cause enough for people to come and business to flourish. By allowing his acts to showcase their ONE Thing, Barnum stayed focused

Five Reasons Multitasking Makes You Less Effective

Many pride themselves on taking a conference call while perusing their inbox and texting their son; talking to a coworker while putting the finishing touch on that report and listening to the latest podcast; and making dinner while they ask their spouse about her day, fold laundry and watch their kids swim. But, do they really think this is reason to toot their own horn? Are they giving full focus to any ONE of those projects? No. It’s called multitasking, and it’s a lie. As Steve Uzzell says in The ONE Thing, multitasking is “merely the opportunity to screw up