The ONE Thing Webinar with Tim Grahl

We hope you’ll join us this week for our free monthly webinar series with ONE Thing co-author Jay Papasan. This month we have bestselling author Tim Grahl, whose do-it-yourself attitude is reflected in books that help others successfully set up winning sales strategies for their own products. Grahl is the author of the bestselling book Your First 1000 Copies and has spent his career working with other high profile authors like Hugh Howey, Daniel Pink, Dan and Chip Heath and Barbara Corcoran. His book is a must-read even if learning how to sell books isn’t your cup of tea. The

Webinar with Shawn Stevenson

Waking up the morning after a bad night of sleep is something no one enjoys, but for some of us, it’s such a regular occurrence that we learn to make peace with it and consider it to be a “fact of life”. And why not? There’s no amount of lost sleep that can’t be made up with a strong pot of coffee, hot shower, and sizzling bacon, right? Well, the truth is a little more unforgiving than we’d like to believe. Nothing we do during the day—apart from actually sleeping—can fully counteract the effects of losing sleep in the middle

Jay Papasan Talks Thinking Big with Grant Cardone

This Thursday, February 25th, ONE Thing co-author Jay Papasan will be continuing his webinar series with special guest Grant Cardone, the bestselling author of The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. For those who haven’t read it yet, Grant’s book is largely based off of the rule that if you’re going to do something, do it big—it’s a principle he calls “Massive Action”. You may remember a similar concept from The ONE Thing, where we explain that the key to hitting any big goal is to aim high. By setting a seemingly overreaching goal, we learn the

The ONE Thing Webinar with Peter Voogd

The ONE Thing co-author Jay Papasan is set to continue his webinar series tomorrow with special guest Peter Voogd, author of the bestselling book 6 Months to 6 Figures and founder of Game Changers Academy. Known as a leading authority on Generation Y leadership, Peter has become a mentor and guru around becoming entrepreneurial in today’s world. Peter learned the power of entrepreneurship at the age of 15 when he traded in a minimum-wage job for a more lucrative solo-venture selling items on eBay. Living the type of life that saw his income rise from six to seven figures in

Jay Papasan Discusses How to Master Your Habits with Gretchen Rubin

ONE Thing co-author Jay Papasan’s webinar series is set to continue this month on September 30th with special guest and bestselling author Gretchen Rubin. Best known for her chart-topping book The Happiness Project, Rubin’s latest title, Better Than Before approaches the ins and outs of habit building—a theme that rings true to The ONE Thing. In her book, Rubin seeks to explain why some of us find it more difficult to build habits than others. By helping us realize the way our personalities can conflict with our own desires, she attempts to help guide us through different methods and techniques

9 Wealth Building Books You Can’t Miss

In a recent ONE Thing webinar, Jay Papasan paired up with businessman and technology innovator Ben Kinney to mastermind on wealth building. During the discussion, three investing priorities were covered: giving, people and business. By focusing our investments in what we give, in the people we surround ourselves with and the businesses we build, we can secure an unrivaled fountain of wealth. Excited on learning more on wealth building, Jay asked our readers to send in a list of their favorite books on wealth building. It’s no big surprise that we love books here at KellerInk. We read them, talk

Jumpstart your Reading Skills in a Webinar with Jay Papasan and Ryan Holiday

When it comes to using the principles of The ONE Thing to improve the different areas of your life, the options are numerous. Just for starters, you may have determined what ONE Thing makes everything else easier or unnecessary for your personal life, for your business, or for your health. If that’s the case, and you’re interested in a new self-improvement option, Jay Papasan’s upcoming webinar may be the perfect starting place for you. Join Jay as he talks to best-selling author and media strategist Ryan Holiday about ways to improve your reading comprehension skills. Ryan began his career by

The ONE Thing Webinar: Learning First-hand from Jay Papasan

When it comes to The ONE Thing, you may feel fairly accomplished by now. You’ve read the book, you’ve printed out the worksheets, and you’ve timeblocked a window where you plan to map out your goals for the year ahead. Now what? How about hearing advice first-hand from co-author, Jay Papasan? While it is classified as a business book, the principles and techniques of The ONE Thing can be applied to many different facets of life. Back in August, readers tuned into the first installment of a webinar series with Jay for an hour of wisdom to learn how to

How Jay Papasan Lined Up His Dominoes to Speak Publically with Confidence

Today, we recognize National Public Speaker Day, a day that celebrates an activity that has most of this blog audience collectively grimacing. In honor of this day, we dove into the backstory of one of our favorite speakers. Our very own, Jay Papasan. Does the thought of speaking to a crowd of people put your stomach in knots? You’re not alone. 75 percent of people fear public speaking – making it one of the most common phobias around. Best-selling author and speaker, Jay Papasan, experienced it too.  While we know he captivates us when he heads on stage to deliver

Jay Papasan Talks Focus with Alex Charfen

Enjoy this off-the-cuff interview on KellerINK’s The ONE Thing, and hear why Jay says busy does not equal productive, multitasking is a lie and there’s still time for Downton Abbey.