Grow a Mustache, Support Your Community

Facial hair is serious business, and growing a mustache this November – or Movember – is one sure fire way to build camaraderie within the office and show support for your fellow man! The tradition began in 1999 with a group of young men in Australia who decided to grow mustaches for charity. Following a profile from a local news station, the tradition quickly grew from a small group of eighty men to a worldwide phenomenon. The tradition lead to the foundation of Movember, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of men affected by prostate and testicular cancer, as

Behind the Scenes: Gary’s Diet and Exercise Regiment Might Change Your Life

Diet isn’t just about physique. No one knows that better than Gary. After learning he had high cholesterol in his early thirties, Gary was put on a prescription for statin to control it. While the drug did lower his cholesterol, it also resulted unwanted side effects. Gary developed extreme pain and spasms in his legs that became so bad even standing during lectures was a challenge. Faced with a dilemma – needing to lower his cholesterol without medication – Gary turned to the focusing question. What’s the One Thing I can do to lower my cholesterol such that by doing

Cheers to Cyber Monday’s “a latte success” Special

It’s that time of year, and no doubt you’ve been even busier than usual – cooking for 17, constantly cleaning muddy footprints, fighting the crowds for that $1-off deal, and wrapping this year’s numbers to inform your 2014 business plan in between. Don’t you just want to curl up with a good book and a cup o’ joe? This cyber Monday, you – and the VIPs in your life – can. The ONE Thing is a book for busy people. Moms, Dads, students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, health nuts and soul seekers alike will not only find solace, but even greater success

Thanksgiving-Live a Life of No Regret

What are we thankful for this Thanksgiving? Living regret-free. The holiday is about celebrating what you have, and we believe that includes what you have done and accomplished. Thanksgiving isn’t a time to reflect on the coulda, woulda, shouldas in our lives. Along with all those things we left undone comes regret. Regret that we focus too much on work, rather than family. Regret that we don’t act on our dreams to make them a reality. Regret that we don’t have the career we always wanted. The time to change that is now because the longer you wait, the more

The Sport of Business

Many people will be on the couch watching their favorite teams battle for the chance at Superbowl Champions this holiday weekend. And, football fans nationwide will be looking to not only the players, but their coaches to pull the team through to that ever-more-elaborate victory dance. So, we got to thinking, what makes a football coach great? His legendary defensive schemes or ability to push a team to new limits. Not really. When it comes down to it, we base our coach’s merit not in total wins, but in his business skills – creating models and systems, building a staff,

ONE Thing: Gary Builds a Business Part 2

Focused on thinking big, Gary Keller found that the key to building a successful business in real estate is people. He also found that the key to helping Keller Williams people own big businesses is education. Armed with this information, he set out to create a new benchmark in real estate. Read the second half of Gary’s story of Keller Williams to see how the Focusing Question continues to drive the largest real estate company in North America’s success. Our priorities were clear. Our first job was to think big. With that in hand, we then had to recruit people

ONE Thing: Gary Builds a Business Part 1

What’s the ONE Thing we can do to build our business such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? That’s the Focusing Question Gary Keller asked himself when he set out to build his real estate company Keller Williams. The answer was to think big. Read part 1 of Gary’s personal account on founding Keller Williams – the largest real estate franchise in North America. Building a business can be overwhelming. Thinking about everything that goes into it is daunting and making a list might actually talk some out of it. It’s a lot. A lot

Behind the Pages Part 2: How Do I Succeed in Such a Busy World?

What system has worked for you? My recommendation is to block four hours a day, as early in the day as you possibly can, to devote to your ONE Thing. Then be fearless about protecting that time. This system only works when your mantra is “nothing and no one has permission to distract me from my ONE Thing.” We’re an always-on, distraction-prone society. How do we combat that? Unfortunately, your resolve won’t keep the world from trying, so we have to be creative when we can be and firm when we must. At the Keller Williams Realty International corporate headquarters,

Behind the Pages Part 1: Gary’s Story Spawns ONE Thing Strategy

We recently sat down with Gary and asked how we can achieve extraordinary results ourselves. His answer: ask the Focusing Question over and over until you are staring at just ONE Thing. Enjoy our two-part, author interview to gain insight into The ONE Thing’s applicable message of purpose, priority and productivity. No one understands success quite like Gary Keller. The co-founder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty started his life as an entrepreneur fresh out of college with only $1,000 in his pocket. Within a few years, after achieving considerable success as both a salesperson and a sales manager, he

Think Different and Change the World

Apple’s Think Different campaign got it right when they put the spotlight on a group of “misfits” in 1997 to prove those who accomplish big things, share a trait. But what exactly did Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Richard Branson, John Lennon and Muhammad Ali all have in common? It’s ONE Thing. Their mindset. Everyone in the 60-second commercial shared a passion for cultivating “crazy” goals with exponential results – and they changed the world in the process.