The Quickest and Easiest Way to Use the 1-3-5 System for Goal Setting

It’s been a few years since we highlighted the 1-3-5 system, but given that everyone is setting goals for the New Year we felt it was time to revisit this highly effective tool. Even though the majority of people make resolutions, only a small percentage actually follow through and reach their goals. Often it’s not a matter of desire that makes a difference but rather having a system in place for reaching the goal. It’s not enough to say you want to achieve something. You have to take action to get it done, which is exactly what the 1-3-5 system

The Best New Apps and Extensions for Productivity

Productivity is something we can never have enough of. Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? All it takes is focus and the right leverage. Today, technology can be leveraged to accomplish amazing things that were once thought to be impossible. You can also leverage the knowledge of others to save yourself time. Or you can do both by reading this article. Our team of productivity gurus has been keeping track of the latest and greatest time-saving tools since releasing our original list of top productivity apps. This time around we’re highlighting new apps as well as

Six More Exercises That Increase Focus

Exercise is an important part of our daily routine, because you can’t be your best if you aren’t in peak physical condition. But the benefits of exercise extend well beyond general health and physical appearance. Exercise has the power to boost mood, improve sleep and increase focus. How does exercise do all that and help us concentrate? Researchers theorize exercise helps us ignore distractions, allowing us to better allocate our attention. Last year readers enjoyed learning about four exercises that increase focus so much that we decided to follow it up with more ways to build your mental muscles. This

Our Top 10 Ahas of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, The ONE Thing team decided to reflect on all the aha moments we had this year. There were many pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold uncovered over the last 12 months, but we decided to narrow it down to the ones that have made the biggest impact on our lives. Here’s a quick round up of our favorite revelations of 2016.   Aha #10 – Counterbalancing is Easier With the Right People In our article “3 Types of People You Need in Your Life to Achieve Counterbalance” the big aha is recognizing that

December 21 is the Shortest Day of the Year. Are You Up For a Challenge?

The December Solstice is almost here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the shortest day of the year, which means productivity is in high demand. Getting more done before the sun goes down requires keen focus, and nothing is better at increasing focus than time blocking. Take the December Solstice Time Blocking Challenge to see how much you can accomplish! Use the step-by-step guide below to maximize productivity during the winter solstice.     Step 1. Clear Your Calendar This step can be more difficult than one would think. If you’ve already put things on your calendar for the day or

Join Our Free Webinar with Investor and Author Phil Town

This coming Wednesday Jay Papasan and Geoff Woods will be continuing our free ONE Thing webinar series with special guest Phil Town, the renowned investor and New York Times bestselling author of Rule #1 and Payback Time. While spending time as a Grand Canyon river guide, Phil picked up his own strategy for investing from a member of one of his tour groups. Setting a goal of becoming a millionaire over the next five years, he started by investing $1,000, and eventually met his goal by growing a fortune of $1.45 million. Now a hedge fund manager, Phil spends much

The Multitasking Myth: The Science Behind “One Thing at a Time” Holds True

There are certain myths that have been so ingrained in our culture that we hold them to be true even when science tells us otherwise. Multi-tasking is one of those myths. Gary Keller identified six productivity stealing lies in The ONE Thing. Number two on that list was the misconstrued belief that multitasking makes us more productive. The idea goes against all of the logic Gary lays out in The ONE Thing. And it also goes against a whole lot of research. When we tackled this lie in a previous post, we discussed studies that show multitasking actually slows most

Tune in to a Free Webinar with John Assaraf and Get Your Mind Ready for Achievement

This coming Tuesday we’ve got a special treat for all of our ONE Thingers out there. Our own Geoff Woods will be continuing our free monthly webinar series with a special on rewiring your brain for success. Alongside special guest John Assaraf, bestselling author of The Answer and CEO of NeuroGym, the duo will explore ways to take control of our thoughts and produce a mindset that’s geared for achieving the outcomes we desire. The most important actions we take often begin as a simple thought. On our way toward achieving our goals, what we feed our brains influence the

3 Things You Need to Share With Your Child As They Go Back To School

Another start to the school year is upon us. Some kids are excited at the prospect of seeing friends again and showing off their new school clothes while others long for an endless summer. For all students the start of the new school year is a clean slate for making accomplishments and experiencing new things. As kids head back to school it’s important for us, as adults, to help ease them through the transition so they can start the year off on a positive note. Teachers play an important role, but parents and guardians can also set the tone for

4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Friends Aren’t as Happy as They Seem

There’s no denying that social media has made a huge impact on our society. It’s changed the way we share information, communicate and make connections. Social media use has become so prominent that it’s inspired a number of psychological studies into how and why people use it. Facebook has noted that there are twice as many posts with positive words than negative ones on their social media platform, which fuels a perception that most Facebook users seem to have amazing lives. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for us to experience negative thoughts about our own lives when comparing our friend’s lives