Happiness is a Skill: Here are 10 Ways to Get More of It!

Pop quiz time. Is happiness an inherent trait you’re born with or a learned skill? The answer is both. While our genes may provide a baseline for how happy we feel, our overall sense of happiness is not just an innate personality trait. It’s also a skill that can be honed over time. It’s something you can develop and train yourself to master despite life’s ups and downs. It all comes down to how you choose to react to your environment, to those around you and to life in general. University of Wisconsin-Madison psychology and psychiatry professor Richard J. Davidson

5 Shocking Mistakes That Sabotage Your 66-Day Challenge

Creating a new habit or getting rid of a bad one is no easy feat. It takes a remarkable amount of commitment and willpower to keep repeating or forgoing the same task until it becomes habitual. When you embark on your 66-Day Challenge that part is well understood. What isn’t expected are all of the pitfalls you can create for yourself.After analyzing data from our Time Blocking Mastery Course we found that the following five mistakes sabotage our progress more than anything else. #1 – Picking the Wrong ONE Thing If you read last month’s post that featured the time blocking

66 Days to Reigniting the Spark in Your Marriage

Going after your ONE Thing can put a temporary strain on your relationship. Counterbalancing between work and home life can be complicated, but it’s necessary to keep the most important people and priorities in focus. When you have to put the bulk of your time and energy toward a goal outside the home, it’s more important than ever to make every moment count with your significant other. A supportive partner is an essential person who can help you realize great success. In fact, those of us who are in a healthy and encouraging relationship tend to be more successful because

66 Days to a Bigger, Better Business

Have you taken a personal 66-Day Challenge? Is it time to embark on a new one? We’ve gotten a great response from individuals that used the challenge to form a new habit in the past and we’re not stopping there. That’s right. Groups, departments and even entire businesses can get on board with a 66-Day Challenge of their own to focus on their collective ONE Thing.   A Little Bit About the 66-Day Challenge If you aren’t familiar with the 66-Day Challenge you may have some questions. Like, why 66 days? It’s because research has shown that’s how long it

5 Steps to Never Forgetting Anything Again

With so many things packed into each and every day, it’s easy for to-dos to slip through the cracks. Well, not anymore. We’ve created a fool-proof, 5-step system that will help busy professionals like you stay on top of tasks and make sure their ONE Thing doesn’t get buried underneath a pile of other responsibilities.   Make It a Habit to Make Notes Immediately Any meetings or time blocks that are established should be noted immediately. Even the little things should be noted right away because there’s a greater chance they’ll slip through the cracks if you don’t have some

We Dare You to Take a 66-Day Challenge

Success largely depends on habits, both good and bad. These automatic behavioral responses influence how we think, problem solve and manage time. Habits are so engrained that we often don’t even perceive them. They prompt us to make decisions without us being consciously aware of it. That can be a serious problem when you’re trying to reach a goal. Bad habits can sneak in and slow down progress, when good habits that could help you make headway are not yet established. We all want to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good habits, but that’s no easy

Laurel Starks and the Success of the Wellness Challenge

Read The ONE Thing and you’ll agree – the principles surrounding focus are ideal for people looking to improve their physical life. Exercising the tools found in the book, many people leverage our 66-Day Calendar to help them build the right health habits into their daily lives. Some of these people are so successful at adopting healthy lifestyles that they end up inspiring and motivating the people around them to do the same. Laurel Starks is one of those people. After witnessing Keller Williams headquarters’ ONE Thing-inspired 66-Day Wellness Challenge last spring, a contest where staff members were tasked with

Putting the 66-Day Calendar to Work

If you’re ready to make a change in your life, and that change requires you to build a new habit, where do you start? Our 66-Day Calendar can help you answer that question. InThe ONE Thing, we explain that the hardest part about building habits is establishing them. They require discipline to begin, but luckily, once you’ve dedicated time to create a habit, it takes far less energy to maintain it. How long does it take for your hard work to pay off? Researchers at the University College of London determined that it takes an average of 66 days to

Groundhog Day Inspiration for Improving Your Work Environment

Yesterday the under-appreciated groundhog got its annual 15 minutes of fame. These little guys are best known for shadow spotting and wreaking havoc with their burrows, but groundhogs can also teach us a lot about creating a favorable work environment. Four Work Environment Lessons from the Groundhog There are some things that the groundhog does that you would never want to do in the office, like getting aggressive with a competitive co-worker or running from your shadow. But for the most part the groundhog is a productive animal that can work well with others and goes to great lengths to

Launch Your New Year Goals with These Health Habits

It’s that time of year again, where you find yourself reflecting on last year’s goals, patting yourself on the back for your accomplishments and picking yourself up from your failures to blaze ahead in 2014. But, before you rewrite last year’s goals on this year’s calendar, you need to decide what habits will help you achieve them. And, health habits – believe it or not – are a key part to reaching any goal. Here are some of our suggestions for getting your 2014 habits healthy so you can better accomplish those big rocks you set this year. Habits are